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Lunch Programs

Summer Lunch Programs

Local parks and summer programs can use assistance with feeding children who would otherwise go hungry when school is not in session. Having an ongoing relationship with local schools and church programs that provide these type of services is what we are looking to help provide during the year when needed. 

Charitable Giving

Charitable giving

Some charities assist families with clothes, medical and bill payments. It can be the difference between keeping the air conditioning running during the summer, heat in the winter, and prescriptions filled. The fundraiser will also go to help with these needs.


Mentoring programs

Children need responsible adults that can help guide them. Whether they need help with homework, guidance on an issue, or just someone to talk to, mentors can help children make their way in life. It is important to us. 

Food Banks

Area Food Banks

​A lot of people rely on area food banks to make ends meet when it comes to food and other resources. Families need help all year long, not just during the holidays. We will be working to help out with keeping the shelves stocked.


Literacy progams for kids

It is also important to be able to help children with their reading, writing and other literacy needs. Tutors, purchasing of books and supplies to help them even when not in school also constitutes a need. Teachers can also use a helping hand with the students needs during the school year.

The Arts

The Ars

Goals on introducing people to the arts, whether through music, poetry, writing, dance, or instrumentation, finding the gifts in others and supporting those talents is another goal to help supplement the lives of this community through our work.

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