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The benefits of competition sponsorship:


-The growth of brand awareness to a wider audience

-Increase your consumer interactions through new consumer interest.

-Building of community and follower loyalty

-Lead Generation from event participation

-A showing of Community Goodwill

  • Old School Level

    3 Spaces Available
    • Live plug during each show
    • Company Name added to Show Ads and Social Media
    • Company Name on Event Shirt
    • 10 Minute Live Show Interview
  • Throwback Level

    1 Space Available
    • Live plug during each show
    • Guest panel spot on judges row
    • Name on show ads and social media
    • logo on all marketing material
    • 15- minute live show interview
  • New School Level

    1 Space Available
    • Live Plug during each show
    • Guest Panel Spot on judges row during Finale
    • Company Name on Winner's Trophy
    • 20-Minute Live Show Interview
    • Logo on all marketing materials (emails, website, swag)
    • 10% Discount off future Sponsorship Packages
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