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Event Planner


We are looking for skilled volunteers to join us on the amazing projects we have coming up.  We have listed a few of the positions that we have open at this time. If you are qualified, please fill out the application and choose the position best for you. These are great opportunities for college credit, early career experience, and a fun way to serve the community. Individuals with arts based background are preferred. These are all remote positions.


This position requires experience as legal assistant or paralegal. They will be in charge of researching, identifying, and filing all paperwork involved in keeping Agape1969 in compliance with all requirements by law. Also be able to identify all legal issues in a timely manner so that we can stay apprised of any and all issues at hand. 

Grant Writer

This role will entail the preparation of proposals plus grant applications. They will perform administrative work which will include researching, developing, identifying, and responding to funding opportunities from federal/state government agencies, from private foundations, and other sources. Qualified candidates should possess excellent writing and computer skills (MS Office/Word, Access, PowerPoint, and Excel), and database management skills.

Fundraising Coodinator

This position requires the individual or team to help raise money and other donations for the nonprofit. In addition to planning and executing events, this role will need someone with strong people skills able to forge relationships with donors, and to solicit volunteers with a great retention rate. 

Social Media/Marketing

This position requires experience in social media optimization and marketing strategies. Responsible for building interest in our organization and the projects we are currently working on. Post on Social media updated and effective information that creates a buzz around upcoming events. An excellent communicator that can post on our social media accounts through clear, accurate, and succinct postings. 

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