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Agape1969 first logo

The idea for our organization began amongst a few friends on Google Plus. Through our spirited conversations, we discussed the needs of the community and how we could assist in fulfilling that need. As a result we came up with combining the arts and helping the community. The vehicle of this idea became known as "The Poetic Soul Festival." 


As time has passed we named ourselves "Agape1969," and changed "The Poetic Soul Festival" to its staple event. Through fundraising and growing ideas it was inevitable that this nonprofit was born.

Our mission is to bring opportunities to the community by way of the arts. We will be doing this through events, fundraising, conferences and more. We hope to be able to support the community through scholarship programs, mentorship, helping other active charities with their emergent needs, to make sure our communities are growing and becoming self-sufficient. 


Kim Barnes | 

Florance McElroy| 

Jacqueline Salter|

Princess Pierre|

Latonia Thigpen|

Mission Statement

Quietly creating self sufficient communities by supporting the creative nature in all of us. 


Agape1969 first logo

First I would like to say that I am honored to be able to donate for such a good cause. I am not always able, none the less I am more fortunate than others. I want to commend K.Barnes and the others for their efforts and kind hearts. We need more like you guys. I think feeding the less fortunate is a wonderful thing. Keep up the good work! Respectfully Yours.

~D. Gaddis ~

Agape1969 first logo
Agape1969 first logo

When my brothers and I were young we lost our home to a terrible fire. So local charities and friends came together to help my mom. Thank God that today I am able to always give back and bless others because I am blessed.. Keep up the good work and God Bless each soul that is involved in this project!

~Garner Family~

Agape1969 first logo

I love Agape1969 because building strong communities is a duty that belongs to all of us!

~Nipsun M.~

Agape1969 first logo

Hey Auntie! It's Olivia, one of your followers on Vine (@moreolivia). It's so nice to see someone making a difference, not only with their words but by their actions. Hope this helps!

~Olivia B. ~

Agape1969 first logo

Here's to reaching your goal!! In this country that we live in there is no excuse for anyone to lack food or shelter .. I'm glad and grateful to be able to play a part in helping ..

~R. Bee~

I'm making this donation in honor of my late sister, "Mike", because helping others is what she always did. I want to bless someone by blessing her memory.

~Trudy C. (for Mike)~

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