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Ladies of Lyrics

Contest Rules


1. The emcee/rapper must abide by all of the eligibility rules of - The Ladies of Lyrics Cypher Contest. 

2. This is an open category to female emcees only. Men, you are free to copy our idea and do it on your pages in support of the fellas. It is a great way to keep hip hop alive and we support you 100%!

3. Age limits begin at 18-35 years old.

4. No Entry/Registration fees or costs needed to enter or participate in this contest. 

5. Waiver and Permission of Use: Each emcee/rapper that enters the contest accepts and gives permission to use their likeness and lyrics during the contest and for promotion of the contest. None of the contestant's original lyrics will be used for anything other than the promotion of the contest and to benefit the contestant entering and competing.

6. The emcees/rapper is required to complete the registration form in it's entirety and comply with each stage's requirements to continue to the next level that they advance to before the deadline. 

7. Any contestant that does not follow the required steps by the deadline will be automatically disqualified.

8. Contestants must be able to film themselves against a white backdrop/wall  and send in the video for contest entry by the deadline. No music or accompaniment allowed. No one but the contestant is allowed to be in the video or be heard in the video unless given permission to do so. No recording tracks and lip syncing. 

9. You must have a certain degree of availability to perform the weekly tasks of this contest. If you are not able to complete the contest tasks due to hectic personal scheduling, DO NOT ENTER this contest. This contest will require about 3 hours of time to write and film your weekly verses. We will also be doing a weekly show live to post your videos,  judge the content, and complete the elimination process. Attending the Live broadcast is not mandatory unless you are advised to be available. 

10. If you are unsure of  whether this contest is for you, see last season's winner, and videos here


1. Recruiting Stage: There will be no limit to the number of entrants, however, there will only be 10 slots available chosen by sponsoring judges for the first stage of the competition. (Dates for contest entry to be announced)

2. Stage 1:  The Battle Zone (choose 5 winners)
3. Stage 2: The Battle Zone (choose 2 winners)

4. Stage 3: The Crowning (Choose 1 Winner)


1. Do not use someone else work that is copywritten or already published. Your freestyle must be 100% your own material and shall not infringe upon any third-party copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights nor shall it contain any vulgarities and overly-sexualized lyrics. We are not responsible if someone chooses to litigate you for use of their work. We cannot stop you from using A.I. or other artificial means to write your lyrics, but I would not trust it. The Human pattern of thought and life experience can not be replicated artificially without some form of disconnect. 

2. Please follow language guidelines and use English when writing and performing so judges can evaluate the lyrical content accordingly. 

3. If your lyrics focus on your opponent DO NOT use their names, and do not be violent or disrespectful to them. This contest will not advocate disrespecting other contestants through malicious lyrics meant to cause mental harm or disrespect to others. Make this contest fun and engaging, but be creative. 

4. The organizer/promoter will appoint the timeframe for each verse of each stage of the contest. The clock starts from the beginning of the first line spoken by the competitor. If you go over, the verse will be docked points or lose to the opponent for that round. (if applicable)

5. Each week all entrants must follow rules of that weeks contribution. This entails writing to a theme on a provided track. Meet deadlines, no excuses. If deadlines are not met, it may result in disqualification.

6. Each Emcee will be required to rhyme over the same beat as their opponent. (Which will be provided by the judges)

7. By participating in this event you permit the recording of your contributions and assign to the organizers the complete copyright and all other rights in your contributions for use in all media pertaining to the contest and promotion of the contest.

8. Competitors who are disrespectful, abusive, overbearing or deemed otherwise unsuitable by the organizers will be disqualified from the competition.

9. Contestants from previous seasons are allowed to enter only if they have not won the previous season. If you have been disqualified for any reason, you are not eligible for reentry to any more contests made by Ladies of Lyrics/Agape1969 in the future.

Contest participants are not to contact any Ladies of Lyrics staff outside of permissible contest communications and official business. This includes contacting its sponsors and/or any of the companies or celebrities we work with during the contest as a result of connection to Ladies of Lyrics Cypher Contest. There will be no fraternization with anyone employed by Agape1969, Ladies of Lyrics, Minx Radio, or any of its subsidiaries that are connected with the contest or events that are related to the aforementioned.  Anyone in breach of this policy is at risk of penalties that may include, but are not limited to the return of prize winnings, expulsion from the contest, inability to enter the contest or any related events connected with Ladies of Lyrics and its partners in the future.

We also reserve the right to remove a contestant from the contest with no added explanation. This may be done to protect the contest, other contestants, and integrity of the process. DO NOT waste our time by not taking this contest seriously. You will not be allowed to take up space in the contest that someone else would be eager to be a part of. Anyone seeming to fall in this category will be removed. Let's have fun and promote hip hop in a creative way! 


1. The judging panel will consist of  3 or more judges including guesting judges.

2. Judges will make their decision as to the winner(s) of each round independently and collectively and then it will be announced Live on the show, and then on the website and across social media.

3. In each stage decisions made by the judges are final. There is no appeal process. Contestants are bound by the decisions of the judge's vote (untampered) and are prohibited from protesting or face disqualification from current and future contests.

4. Understand this is a contest judged on TALENT, not POPULARITY. This makes the contest a level playing field for those that may not have as many followers as others. 


Champion: (Subject to change)

- $500 Cash Prize via/CashApp/Paypal
- Spo
t in "Ladies of Lyrics Cypher Live" (Tentative)

- Optimal Product placement across streaming platforms (Must have music       ready or soon to be marketed) 
- Full Round of Live Interviews 
- Trophy

- Ladies of Lyrics Swag
- Plus More...

Contact if you have any contest-related questions: 

Entering the contest is equivalent to acceptance of the contest rules and conditions in its entirety and willing to be bound to these rules. We reserve the right to change these rules to fit the contest needs at any time. Any and all changes will still be agreed upon by all participating contestants going forward. 

(Updated 10/2023)

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