Contest Rules


1. The emcee/rapper must abide by the eligibility rules of - Ladies of Lyrics Cypher Contest. 
2. This is an open category to female emcees only. We do not discriminate against transgender female emcees and you are free to enter as well.
3. Age limits are 18+ years or older.
4. No Entry/Registration fees or costs needed to enter or participate in this contest. 
5. Waiver and Permission of Use: Each emcee/rapper that enters the contest accepts and gives permission to use their likeness and lyrics during the contest and for promotion of the contest. None of the contestant's original lyrics will be used for anything other than the promotion of the contest and to benefit the contestant entering and competing.
6. The emcees/rapper is required to complete the registration form and comply with each stage's requirements to continue to the next level that they advance to before the deadline. 

7. Any contestant that does not follow the required steps by the deadline will be automatically disqualified.

8. Contestants must be able to film themselves against a white backdrop/wall in all black appropriate clothing and send in the video by the deadline. No one but the contestant is allowed to be in the video or be heard in the video. 


1. Stage 1: There will be no limit to the number of entrants, however, there will only be 10 slots available chosen by sponsoring judges for the first stage of the competition.

2. Stage 2:  This level of the competition will eliminate 5 entrants by fan vote across social media platforms.  

3. Stage 3: There will be a battle of the remaining 5 emcees with the elimination of 3 contestants also by fan vote. 

4. Stage 4: In the final stage there will be a battle between the remaining two emcees, with a final vote made by contest judges. The winner will be announced and prizes will be awarded in the weeks following. 

5. Winner will make themselves available to receive and participate in all prospects of prizes (i.e. Interviews, magazine spread, receiving swag, etc.) 



1. Do not use someone else work that is copywritten or already published. Your freestyle must be 100% your own material and shall not infringe upon any third party copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights nor shall it contain any vulgar words and sexually explicit lyrics.
2. Please follow language guidelines and use English when writing and performing so judges can evaluate the lyrical content accordingly. 
3. The rap lyrics (punch line) should focus more on humor whether you mock or ridicule your opponent. This contest will not advocate disrespecting other contestants through malicious lyrics meant to cause mental harm or disrespect to others. Make this contest fun and engaging, but be creative. 
4. The organizer/promoter will appoint the timeframe for each verse of each stage of the contest. The clock starts from the beginning of the first line spoken by the competitor. If you go over, the verse will be docked points or lose to the opponent for that round. (if applicable)
5. Voting by fan vote will be tallied by judges and announced across social media sites.
6. Each Emcee will be required to rhyme over the same beat as their opponent. (Which will be provided by the judges)
7. By participating in this event you permit the recording of your contributions and assign to the organizers the complete copyright and all other rights in your contributions for use in all media pertaining to the contest and promotion of the contest.
8. Competitors who are disrespectful, abusive, or deemed otherwise unsuitable by the organizers will be disqualified from the competition.


1. The judging panel will consist of 3 judges.
2. Judges/fans will make their decision as to the winner(s) of each round independently and collectively and then it will be announced on the website and across social media.
3. Each stage decisions made by the judges/fans are final. There is no appeal process. Contestants are bound by the decisions of the judges/fan vote (untampered) and are prohibited from protesting or face disqualification.



$500 CashApp/Paypal
Magazine Spread (YV Hip Hop Magazine digital)

Product placement across streaming platforms (Paid placement on Tidal/Apple/Deezer/Spotify/ etc.) 

Live Interview on The Minx Show Podcast

Plus More...!

Contact if you have any contest-related questions: